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  1. Introduction: This website started as a personal collection of tools and resources I made whilst learning2 to read, write and type Thai. I've decided to make them available on the web in the hope that they might help someone else to become fluent in this challenging language.
  2. Reading Thai: This is intended as a comprehensive course that takes you from the basics of reading Thai, through (almost) all the irregularities and idiosyncrasies of the written language. Simple, interactive games give lots of opportunity for practice. The course starts here (Thai Notes: Reading Index). [Note this course is still being developed, and only the first 33 lessons3 are currently available.]
  3. Typing Thai: This is a collection of programs to help learning to type in Thai. They are (Thai Notes: Typing Introduction):-
    1. Thai Typing Trainer: The Thai Typing Trainer is really three programs in one. These are:
      1. A 50 lesson tutor (Thai Notes: Typing Trainer) going from the first few keystrokes to complete coverage of the Thai keyboard.
      2. A practice program (Thai Notes: Typing Trainer, Speed) with 8 passages of Thai to type to help improve your speed. It provides feedback on the number of errors made and words per minutes typed
      3. A practice program (Thai Notes: Typing Trainer, Customised Speed) similar to the previous one, but this one lets you paste your own text for practice
    2. Thai Steady Typer: A program (Thai Notes: Steady Typer) to help you to practise typing at a steady pace - one of the keys to building up typing speed.
    3. Thai Typing Game: (Thai Notes: Typing Game) Type the words as they fall from the sky and before they hit the ground. 50 levels of increasing difficulty.
  4. Dictionaries: There are four dictionaries.
    1. The main one is a Thai-English/English-Thai Dictionary (Thai Notes: English/Thai + Thai/English Dictionaries) which allows you to look up individual words or whole paragraphs (bulk lookup). Hover over any word and see a brief definition; click on any word and see its full definition. Words can also be saved in your own private word list. You can also browse the dictionary in alphabetic order.
    2. There are two front ends to the Royal Institute Dictionary, for both the 1999 and the 2011 versions. They both allow for single word lookup, reverse lookup (i.e. searching for a word in the definitions), and browsing alphabetically. They are at RID 1999 (Thai Notes: RI Dictionary, 1999) and RID 2011 (Thai Notes: RI Dictionary, 2011) respectively.
    3. Thai Abbreviations: Thai Notes: Abbreviations
    4. Finally there's a Thai Classifier Dictionary (Thai script only, Thai Notes: Classifiers) which allows you to look up the classifier(s) for a given noun, or the nouns associated with a given classifier. You can also browse the dictionary alphabetically by both noun and classifier.
  5. Language Course: This site is the new home of the American Foreign Service Institute Thai Language Course, previously found at Same content; different format. The course has a number of great points:
    • It has a very systematic way of teaching
    • There are hundreds of exercises to practise
    • It includes plenty of audio material
    The course starts here (Thai Notes: FSI Language Course).
  6. Games:
    1. "Free Thai" (Thai Notes: Free Thai Game), a game (loosely based upon "Free Rice") to take you through the 3,000 most common word.
    2. A Flashcard Game (Thai Notes: Flashcards) with Thai and English words in various categories and at various levels of difficulty. Includes an IPA text option for the Thai words. Currently the number of decks of cards is fairly limited, but I hope to add more as time permits. You can also create your own packs of cards with the Flashcard Editor (Thai Notes: Flashcard Editor).
  7. Tools: A collection of miscellaneous tools I have developed and use:
    1. IPA Typing Tool: (Thai Notes: IPA Typer) Type the funny symbols such as ʉ̌, ɔ̂ and ŋ at the click of the mouse.
    2. Thai Typing Tool: (Thai Notes: Typer) For people who don't want to learn how to type Thai but want an easy way of entering Thai text.
    3. Sequence Checker: Checks (Thai Notes: Sequence Checker) that Thai characters have been typed in the correct sequence. Primarily of use to website developers.
    4. Thai to IPA Tool: (Thai Notes: Thai to IAP) Transcribes Thai text to IPA.
    5. Supersearch: Search (Thai Notes: Supersearch) 8 different sites at once, including dictionaries (Thai-English, Thai-Thai), Wikipedia, images. Get direct links to a further 5 Google searches. Saves time and effort.
  8. Finally, if you find any problems with the website, or would like to make any suggestions, please contact me via the Feedback link (Thai Notes: Feedback). Feedback, good or bad, is always much appreciated.
  9. Now, please jump on in ...


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