The Disappearance of Change: Towards a Process Account of Persistence
Meincke (Anne Sophie)
Source: Forthcoming (as of November 2018) in: International Journal of Philosophical Studies
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Abstract

  1. This paper aims to motivate a new beginning in metaphysical thinking about persistence by drawing attention to the disappearance of change in current accounts of persistence.
  2. I defend the claim that the debate is stuck in a dilemma which results from neglecting the constructive role of change for persistence. Neither of the two main competing views, perdurantism1 and endurantism2, captures the idea of persistence as an identity through time. I identify the fundamental ontological reasons for this, namely the shared commitment to what I call ‘thing ontology’: an ontology that gives the ontological priority to static things.
  3. I conclude by briefly indicating how switching to a process ontological framework that takes process and change to be ontologically primary may allow for overcoming the dilemma of persistence.


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