Essence, Accident, and Substance
Oliver (Donald)
Source: Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 51, No. 23, (Nov. 11, 1954), pp. 719-730
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Author’s Introduction

  1. Professor Copi has given us a fine analysis and comparison of Aristotle and Locke on essence and accident. For this part of "Copi (Irving M.) - Essence and Accident" I have nothing but admiration, and, though I shall make some additions, I shall not hesitate to build my argument on the historical base he has elucidated.
  2. I cannot, however, accept the suggestions which Mr. Copi offers in the last three or four pages of his paper, and my contribution to this symposium will consist mainly of a presentation of reasons for rejection of these suggestions, plus a few counter-suggestions of my own, which I shall have but scant space to defend.

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