A Prolegomenon to Meinongian Semantics
Parsons (Terence)
Source: Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 71, No. 16 (Sep. 19, 1974), pp. 561-580
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  1. It is strange . . . that Meinong's object-theory should have been regarded by some as a bewildering and tangled 'jungle', it resembles rather an old formal garden containing some beautiful and difficult mazes. . . . Meinong's round square could be stitched, with complete seamlessness, into the fabric of Carnap's Meaning and Necessity,
    → J. N. Findlay
  2. In section I of this paper I will describe Meinong's jungle. In section II I will attempt to reconstruct it as a formal garden. And in section III will try to place it within the tradition of semantics to which Carnap's Meaning and Necessity belongs.
  3. I make the following claim to historical accuracy: although I don't know what Meinong meant, if I had said what I know him to have said, I would have meant the following.

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