Problems with the New Tenseless Theory of Time
Smith (Quentin)
Source: Philosophical Studies, Vol. 52, No. 3 (Nov., 1987), pp. 371-392
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Author’s Abstract

  1. Besides J.C.C. Smart's contributions to the new tenseless theory of time, versions of it have been developed or endorsed by D.H. Mellor, Murray MacBeath, Paul Fitzgerald and others. But while the development of this new tenseless theory has been proceeding at a fast pace, there has been no response whatsoever to it (at least that I am aware of) from the defenders of the tensed theory of time. It has not even been mentioned by the tensers, let alone criticized.
  2. It is this lacuna that I intend to fill in this paper. I shall argue that the new tenseless theory of time is faced with insurmountable problems, and that it ought to be abandoned in favor of the tensed theory. I will examine the two extant versions of the new theory, the version worked out by Mellor and endorsed by Fitzgerald (in Section Two), and the version suggested by some of the ideas of Smart and MacBeath (in Section Three).

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