Presentism, Truthmakers, and God
Rhoda (Alan)
Source: Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 90, Issue 1
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Abstract

  1. The truthmaker objection to presentism (the view that only what exists now exists simpliciter) is that it lacks sufficient metaphysical resources to ground truths about the past.
  2. In this paper I identify five constraints that an adequate presentist response must satisfy. In light of these constraints, I examine and reject responses by Bigelow, Keller, Crisp, and Bourne.
  3. Consideration of how these responses fail, however, points toward a proposal that works, one that posits God’s memories as truthmakers for truths about the past.
  4. I conclude that presentists have, in the truthmaker objection, considerable incentive to endorse theism.

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