Quantifier Variance Dissolved
Finn (Suki) & Bueno (Otávio)
Source: Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements, Volume 82 (Metaphysics) - July 2018, pp. 289-307
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Authors’ Abstract

  1. Quantifier variance faces a number of difficulties.
  2. In this paper we first formulate the view as holding that the meanings of the quantifiers may vary, and that languages using different quantifiers may be charitably translated into each other.
  3. We then object to the view on the basis of four claims:
    1. quantifiers cannot vary their meaning extensionally by changing the domain of quantification;
    2. quantifiers cannot vary their meaning intensionally without collapsing into logical pluralism;
    3. quantifier variance is not an ontological doctrine;
    4. quantifier variance is not compatible with charitable translation and as such is internally inconsistent.
  4. In light of these troubles, we recommend the dissolution of quantifier variance and suggest that the view be laid to rest.

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