Truthmaking and Metametaphysics
Cameron (Ross P.)
Source: For The Routledge Handbook of Metametaphysics, edited by Ricki Bliss and James Miller
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Author’s Abstract

  1. Truthmaking is a relationship between things in the world, and truths about how the world is. A truthmaker, A, for a truth, p, is an object whose existence makes it true that p. It is true that p in virtue of A existing.
  2. According to truthmaker theory, what is true is ultimately determined by what exists. There are many questions we can ask about the nature and behavior of both truthmakers and the truthmaking relation, but this is not the purpose of this essay. For an introduction to such issues, see Cameron (20181).
  3. In this essay, we look at how truthmaker theory interacts with certain metametaphysical concerns.
    1. In section 1, we will look at how truthmaker theory offers an account of ontological commitment very different from the orthodox view defended by W.V. Quine.
    2. In section 2, we will look at how truthmaker theory can be used to defend the idea that there is a hard, and distinctively metaphysical, ontological project to be undertaken, in light of challenges from philosophers such as Amie L. Thomasson who think that ontological questions are easily answered.


Obtained from, 27/01/19. See Cameron - Truthmaking and Metametaphysics.

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