McTaggart and indexing the copula
Rettler (Bradley)
Source: Philosophical Studies, Vol. 158, No. 3 (April 2012), pp. 431-434
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Abstract

  1. In this paper, I show how a solution to Lewis' problem of temporary intrinsics is also a response to McTaggart's argument that the A-series is incoherent.
  2. There are three strategies Lewis considers for solving the problem of temporary intrinsics: perdurantism1, presentism, and property-indexing.
  3. William Lane Craig ("Craig (William Lane) - McTaggart's Paradox and the Problem of Temporary Intrinsics", 1998) has examined how the three strategies fare with respect to McTaggart's argument. The only viable solution Lewis considers to the problem of temporary intrinsics that also succeeds against McTaggart, Craig claims, is presentism. This gives us prima facie reason to be presentists.
  4. But there is a strategy Craig does not consider – indexing, or relativizing, the copula.
  5. In this paper, I show that to the degree that indexing the copula solves the problem of temporary intrinsics, it also shows the invalidity of McTaggart's argument. The upshot: the copula-indexer needn't affirm the unreality of time, nor need she embrace presentism.

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