Personal and omnipersonal duties
Parfit (Derek)
Source: The Harvard Review of Philosophy, vol. 23 (2016), pp. 1-15
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Author’s Abstract

  1. This paper’s main aim is to discuss the relations between our duties and moral aims at different times, and between different people’s moral aims and duties.
  2. The paper is unfinished because it was written as part of an intended chapter in the third volume1 of my book On What Matters, and I later decided to drop this chapter.
  3. That is why this paper asks some questions which it doesn’t answer. But though this paper does not end with some general conclusions, it defends some particular conclusions.


For the full text, see Parfit - Personal and Omnipersonal Duties.

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Footnote 1: See "Parfit (Derek) - On What Matters: Volume Three".

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