Bombs and coconuts, or rational irrationality
Parfit (Derek)
Source: Christopher W. Morris & Arthur Ripstein (eds.) Practical rationality and preference: essays for David Gauthier, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2001
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Author’s Introduction

  1. In an early article1, David Gauthier argued that, to act rationally, we must act morally.
  2. I tried to refute2 that argument.
  3. Since Gauthier was not convinced, I shall try again3.


For the full text, see Parfit - Bombs and coconuts, or rational irrationality.

In-Page Footnotes

Footnote 1:
  • ‘Reason and Maximization’, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 4:411–33, 1975.
  • This argument’s fullest statement is in Gauthier’s Morals by Agreement (Oxford University Press, 1986), henceforth MA.
Footnote 2: Footnote 3:

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