What Quine (and Carnap) might say about contemporary metaphysics of time
Deng (Natalja)
Source: Forthcoming in Quine, Structure, and Ontology, Oxford University Press, ed. by Frederique Janssen-Lauret
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  1. This chapter explores some of the relations between Quine’s and Carnap’s metaontological stances on the one hand, and contemporary work in the metaphysics of time, on the other.
  2. Contemporary metaphysics of time, like analytic metaphysics in general, grew out of the revival of the discipline that Quine’s critique of the logical empiricists (such as Carnap) made possible.
  3. At the same time, the metaphysics of time has, in some respects, strayed far from its Quinean roots.
  4. This chapter examines some likely Quinean and Carnapian reactions to elements of the contemporary scene.


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