Why Are Laws Mathematical?
Dorato (Mauro)
Source: Dorato (Mauro) - The Software of the Universe: An Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Laws of Nature, Chapter 2
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  1. The “Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics” in Describing, Explaining and Predicting the Physical World
  2. The Three Ingredients for “Producing” the Laws of Physics
    1. The algorithmic structure, given by the formula (or differential equation) which represents the law properly speaking;
    2. The initial or boundary conditions, or the initial numeric data to which we apply the law;
    3. The constant quantities left unchanged by the application of the algorithm, or the constants of nature.
  3. The Algorithmic View of Laws as a First Attempt to Explain Why the Laws of Physics Are Mathematical
  4. The Reducibility of the Laws of Coexistence to the Laws of Succession
  5. An Explicative Hypothesis on the Applicability of Mathematics


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