Too Many Persons, or None At All?
Maurer (Nicholas)
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Introduction

  1. In his paper "Duncan (Matt) - I Think, Therefore I Persist", Matt Duncan argues that the familiar acts of thought and perception imply the existence of persons.
  2. I shall first provide both a brief explanation of this position and the arguments with which he supports it. I shall then make my response, which will be twofold.
    1. First, I argue that as presented, Duncan’s view is at best undesirable, and at worst absurd, for it implies that one’s life is constituted by many distinct persons — each coming into and falling out of existence with every corresponding thought or perception.
    2. Second, I claim that Duncan in fact assumes that which he desires to prove and, by so doing, hasn’t secured the existence of persons at all.
  3. I conclude with a couple of brief remarks concerning this latter claim and whether it has any further implications.


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