Philosophy of time: A slightly opinionated introduction
Fischer (Florian)
Source: Kriterion – Journal of Philosophy, 2016, 30(2): 3–28
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Abstract

  1. There are several intertwined debates in the area of contemporary philosophy of time.
  2. One field of inquiry is the nature of time itself. Presentists think that only the present moment exists whereas eternalists believe that all of (space-)time exists on a par.
  3. The second main field of inquiry is the question of how objects persist through time. The endurantist claims that objects are three-dimensional wholes, which persist by being wholly present, whereas the perdurantist1 thinks that objects are four-dimensional and that their temporal parts are the bearers of properties.
  4. The third debate in the field of contemporary philosophy of time is about tense versus tenseless theory. Tensers are at odds with detensers about the status of the linguistic reference to the present moment.
  5. Florian Fischer: Post-Doc at the University of Siegen and President of SPoT (Society for Philosophy of Time). Areas of specialization: Laws of Nature, Dispositions, Persistence. Florian is currently investigating the intersection of powers and change. The contemporary debate about change focuses solely on avoiding a contradiction in the context of Leibniz’ Law. A positive account of how change is brought about was neglected. In a separated research field powers have been studied intensively. Powers are envisaged to bring about the changes in the world. The connection between powers and persistence is notoriously understudied, however. Florian investigates whether processes can provide the link between powers and persistence. His working hypothesis is that the manifestations of powers are processes and that these processes, in turn, are the basis for persistence.


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