Introduction to MOSSO: MOsca with Standard Spade Openings
Granville (Richard)
Source: Website - taken on 01/09/2019
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Author’s Conclusion

  1. This article has been written in order to provide an introduction to MOSSO, highlighting the areas that are significantly different from 2/1. I didn't want to make the article too long, but I've tried to provide enough information for people to try out the system. I realize that more detail would be required for a serious partnership.
  2. In particular, I've said nothing about handling intervention, although I'm happy to write a follow-up article on this topic if there is sufficient interest. I am also willing to provide further information on particular sequences.
  3. So, does MOSSO work? So far I've only played the system for a few months, but much of my 2-3 years experience of SWIFT carries across to MOSSO. The new MOSSO sequences seem to work well in practice and overall results so far have been encouraging.
  4. What about the opening 2 bids? For nearly two years I kept records of the SWIFT 2 bids. The SWIFT 2♠ opening led to only a very small gain on balance and the significant number of poor results was one factor in the move to MOSSO. The SWIFT 2♣, 2♦ and 2♥ openings all showed a healthy profit. Partnerships therefore need not feel nervous about using these three intermediate opening bids.
  5. It is probably impossible to design a system based around unlimited 1-level opening bids that doesn't possess a number of quirks. There are several in MOSSO (e.g. opening 1♣ with a balanced 12-14 points with 5 hearts), but these don't seem to cause significant problems. MOSSO has a number of advantages over natural systems such as 2/1, such as being able to play in 1NT with 18-20 balanced opposite a weak hand (via the sequence 1♣-1♦-1NT). Also, constructive bidding is often easier in MOSSO because some NF 2/1 sequences become F1R in MOSSO and some F1R sequences in 2/1 become GF in MOSSO.
  6. MOSSO has been developed as a serious bidding system, but it's also fun to play. Why not give it a try?


See Granville - Introduction to MOSSO.

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