Kit Fine on Tense and Reality
Savitt (Steven)
Source: Manuscrito: Revista Internacional de Filosofia, Campinas (Brazil): Vol. 39, no. 4, pp. 75-99, Oct - Dec 2016
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  1. Kit Fine (20051, 20062) recently described and defended a novel position in the philosophy of time, fragmentalism.
  2. It is not often that a new (and even perhaps a radically new) option appears in this old field, and for that reason alone these two essays merit serious attention.
  3. I will try to present briefly but fairly some of the considerations that Fine thinks favour fragmentalism.
  4. I will also weigh the merits of fragmentalism against the view that Fine presents as its chief rival, relativism, as well as the merits of both against the view that he calls anti-realism.
  5. Along the way, we should pick up a clearer picture of fragmentalism itself.


For the full text, see Savitt - Kit Fine on Tense and Reality.

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Footnote 1: See "Fine (Kit) - Tense and Reality".

Footnote 2: See "Fine (Kit) - The Reality of Tense".

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