A Semantic Solution to the Problem of Coincident Objects
Balaguer (Mark)
Source: IP - LEM Seminar, 08 October 2019
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Abstract

  1. In this paper, I develop a novel solution to the problem of coincident objects (i.e., the problem of the statue1 and the lump of clay).
  2. The solution I develop is a semantic solution because it solves the problem by means of a semantic theory — and, importantly, it does this without committing to any controversial metaphysical hypotheses.
  3. In particular, I articulate a semantic theory that enables us to avoid committing to the existence of coincident objects (i.e., to what might be called statue-lump2 dualism) and that does this without committing to any other controversial metaphysical theses, e.g., 4-dimensionalism, compositional nihilism, a non-standard theory of identity, or whatever.


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