Block time: Why many physicists still don’t accept it?
Nikolic (Hrvoje)
Source: FQXi Community: The Nature of Time Essay Contest (2008)
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  1. The concept of time as defined in physics is the most naturally interpreted as a block time. According to this interpretation, time is like any other parameter in physics, without any intrinsic flow and without any fundamental difference between past and future.
  2. Yet, such a view of time is in a sharp contrast with our intuitive subjective experience of time. Where this discrepancy comes from? I argue that this discrepancy is an artefact of the linguistic inconvenience that we use a single word “time” to describe two very different things, one described by physics, the other being related to consciousness. To clearly distinguish between them, I refer the former to as pime, abbreviating the expression “physical time” or “parameter time”.
  3. As the phenomenon of consciousness is not truly understood by our current understanding of physics, current physics has little to say about time. Physics is only about pime, which is a block pime without a flow and without a fundamental difference between past and future.
  4. The relation between pime and time remains a challenge for the future research as a part of the hard problem of the relation between matter and mind.


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