Cargo Cult Science: Some Remarks on Science, Pseudoscience, and Learning How to Not Fool Yourself
Feynman (Richard)
Source: Feynman - The Pleasure of Finding Things Out - The Best Short Works
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Editor’s Introduction

  1. The 1974 Caltech Commencement Address
  2. Question: What do witch doctors, ESP, South Sea Islanders, rhinoceros horns, and Wesson Oil have to do with college graduation?
  3. Answer: They’re all examples the crafty Feynman uses to convince departing graduates that honesty in science is more rewarding than all the kudos and temporary successes in the world.
  4. In this address to Caltech’s class of 1974, Feynman gives a lesson in scientific integrity in the face of peer pressure and glowering funding agencies.


For Cargo Cults, see Wikipedia: Cargo cult

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