Is artificial-womb technology a tool for women’s liberation?
Isaac (Sasha)
Source: Aeon, 18 December, 2019
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  1. There are many issues raised by this paper. Several of them are related to feminism, and are thereby not central to my concerns.
  2. However – as the author points out – the whole idea of artificial pregnancies impacts on the metaphysics of pregnancy1, and whether or not the fetus is a part of the mother2. The proposed technology seems to presuppose the fetal container model of pregnancy.
  3. The author refers to "Finn (Suki) - Bun or bump?" in this regard.
  4. I will write more on this aspect in due course.
  5. For now, I might also add that there are developmental questions about how the fetus bonds with the mother, via her voice, heartbeat, and so on that raise additional ethical issues.


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