Interpretation: Its Scope and Limits
Kriegel (Uriah)
Source: Hazlett (Allan) - New Waves in Metaphysics, Chapter 6
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Author’s Abstract

  1. According to interpretivism, all there is to having an intentional property is being best interpreted as having it.
  2. I present a regress-or-circularity argument against this.
  3. In Section 1, I elucidate interpretivism, and in Section 2, I present the argument against it.

Author’s Conclusion
  1. The main purpose of this chapter has been to argue that interpretivism, properly understood, is unviable, inasmuch as it leads inevitably to a vicious regress.
  2. Subsidiary purposes have been to say how interpretivism is properly understood - that is, as (Int) - and sketch a kind of view of intentionality - that is, (HInt) - which I find plausible but have not defended here.

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