The Case Against Reality (Aeon Video)
Hoffman (Donald D.)
Source: Aeon, 05 November, 2019
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Aeon Abstract

  1. It was interesting to see Hoffman in action, as I’d not heard – or heard of – him before.
  2. His theory – that our evolutionary4 history has – and was bound to – give us zero insight into what the world is really like – is deeply implausible. I’d be interested to see the work by Chetan Prakash that allegedly proves this. As Amazon reviewers have suggested, if we are so unsure that we know anything about reality, how do we even know that we have evolutionary5 origins, though this may be a bit quick.
  3. Also, I dislike the idealist / panpsychist approach of taking consciousness as foundational. While is dissolves the “Hard Problem” of consciousness, it does so at too high a cost.
  4. As I have no text of this talk to make comments against, I’ll restrict myself to the above here. Further comments of Hoffman’s work will appear under one or more of:-


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