The Skeptical Christian
Howard-Snyder (Daniel)
Source: Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion, 2017
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Author’s Abstract

  1. This essay is a detailed study of William Alston’s view on the nature of Christian faith, which I assess in the context of three problems:
    1. the problem of the skeptical Christian,
    2. the problem of faith and reason, and
    3. the problem of the trajectory.
  2. Although Alston intended a view that would solve these problems, it does so only superficially. Fortunately, we can distinguish Alston’s view, on the one hand, from Alston’s illustrations of it, on the other hand.
  3. I argue that, although Alston’s view only superficially solves these problems, Alston’s illustrations of it suggest a substantive way to solve them, a way that I sketch briefly.


For the full text, see Howard-Snyder - The Skeptical Christian

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