What you are and the evolution of organs, souls and superorganisms: a reply to Blatti
Gillett (Carl)
Source: Analysis , Vol. 73, No. 2 (April 2013), pp. 271-279
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Author's Introduction

  1. Observations about someone's parentage are notorious for starting arguments. However, Stephan Blatti claims to have a new line of reasoning about our parents to resolve arguments over our deeper natures in favour of the Animalist position that we are identical to Homo sapiens. And, most interestingly, Blatti claims that evolutionary theory is the basis of this new defence of Animalism.
  2. Blatti thus raises an important question about which views of what we are can take us to be evolved.
  3. However, in this response, I show that Blatti's argument using evolution is based on a false assumption about contemporary biology. And I highlight how a better understanding of evolutionary theory allows us to see that the major theories of what we are, including Psychological, Brain and even Soul theories, as well as Animalism, can all accept that we are products of evolution.


Response to "Blatti (Stephan) - A New Argument for Animalism".

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