One Brain. Two Minds? Many Questions
Rosen (Victoria)
Source: Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, 2018 Spring; 16(2): R48–R50
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Author’s Abstract

  1. For several decades, split-brain research has provided valuable insight into the fields of psychology and neuroscience. These studies have progressed our knowledge of hemispheric specialization, language processing, the role of the corpus callosum, cognition, and even human consciousness.
  2. Following a recent empirical paper by Pinto et al. (2017a) and review by Volz and Gazzaniga (2017), a debate has ensued about the nature of conscious perception of visual stimuli in split-brain patients.
  3. This exchange is an ideal platform for generating discussion about both the implications of recent findings and the interpretation of results from split-brain studies in general.


See Rosen - One Brain. Two Minds? Many Questions.

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