Metaphysics: On the Being-There of What There Is
Meincke (Anne Sophie)
Source: Wozu Metaphysik? Historisch-systematische Perspektiven, ed. by C. Erhard, D. Meißner & J. Noller, Freiburg i. Br.: Alber, 96-130
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Author’s Abstract

  1. What is metaphysics? And what is it for? In this chapter, I argue that once the former question is answered appropriately, the latter question does not arise any longer. To understand what metaphysics is means to understand what it is for.
  2. I propose that metaphysics, as a philosophical discipline, is the addressing of reality with respect to the intelligibility of reality as a whole and, i.e., the addressing of reality's being-addressed in various contexts (everyday and scientific). Insofar as reason is what performs this ubiquitous addressing of reality, metaphysics – the addressing of the addressing of reality – turns out to be a self-addressing of reason.
  3. I rebut sceptical objections to this proposal that are nourished by realist convictions, by emphasising an interesting and constructive metaphysical thesis entailed in the proposed understanding of metaphysics. At the same time, I oppose idealist simplifications of the proposal by means of some reflections on the only legitimate source of a general (as opposed to a special) critique of metaphysics: the dubious character of the belief in a perfect intelligibility of reality.


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