Do Human Embryos Have a Disposition to Personhood?
Meincke (Anne Sophie)
Source: Der manipulierbare Embryo: Potentialitäts und Speziesargumente auf dem Prüfstand, ed. by M. Hähnel, M. Rothhaar & R. Kipke, Münster: Mentis, 147-171
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  1. Do human embryos have a disposition to personhood? This has been argued within recent attempts to reformulate the classical argument from potentiality for the protection of human embryos with the help of the concept of disposition.
  2. In this paper, I analyse the central ontological premise of this new approach and show that any hopes of rehabilitating in dispositionalist terms the idea of a potential to personhood inherent in human embryos are mistaken.
  3. The dispositionalist version of the potentiality argument navigates in same metaphysical waters as its predecessor and, hence, collides just the same with biological facts concerning human embryogenesis.


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