Could It Be Aspergers?
Attwood (Tony)
Source: YouTube Video: Posted 26 Jan 2016
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YouTube Abstract

  1. In this empowering lecture, Professor Tony Attwood discusses the defining characteristics of 'Aspies' - people with Asperger's Syndrome - and how these change from early childhood to the adult years and vary according to gender.
  2. Professor Attwood challenges you to imagine life through the eyes of an Aspie, and recognise the invaluable and unique contribution they make to society1 and intellectual development.

  1. I happened upon this lecture by accident and spent the 30 minutes listening to it while waiting for processes to run updating my database.
  2. I’ve often wondered whether I fall within the Asperger’s spectrum myself; I tried the Barron-Cohen test once, and I was on the border.
  3. However, while there are some similarities between the DSM5 characteristics and my perception of my own personality, it’s hardly an exact match.


See YouTube: Professor Tony Attwood - Could It Be Aspergers?.

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