Are Animals Moral Beings?
Sapontzis (Steve F.)
Source: American Philosophical Quarterly , Jan., 1980, Vol. 17, No. 1 (Jan., 1980), pp. 45-52
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Author’s Introduction

  1. By "moral being" I mean any being which meets both of the following conditions:
    1. It is capable of acting morally, and
    2. It merits moral rights, i.e., the rights to life, dignity, and a fulfilling life.
  2. Therefore, this paper is concerned with two questions:
    1. Are animals other than human beings (henceforth simply "animals") capable of acting morally, and
    2. What are the implications of the answer to the previous question for animal rights and human obligations to animals?
  3. Part I of what follows is devoted to answering the first of these questions, Part II to answering the second.

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