Speciesism, Painism, and Morality
Sapontzis (Steve F.)
Source: Journal of Animal Ethics , Vol. 4, No. 1 (Spring 2014), pp. 95-102
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Author’s Abstract

  1. This article is a critical review of Richard Ryder’s recent book, Speciesism, Painism and Happiness: A Morality for the Twenty-First Century.
  2. There are brief summaries of Ryder’s positions on
    → the moral significance of happiness,
    → the meaning of “speciesism,”
    → the moral theory he calls “painism,” and
    → his criticisms of democracy and the moral importance of death.
  3. Though sympathetic with Ryder’s overall project, the reviewer questions whether Ryder has discovered
    → the essence of morality,
    → the prejudice of speciesism,
    → a more coherent and workable morality,
    → a fault with democracy, and
    → the moral value of death.

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