Progress and Degeneration in the 'IQ Debate': Comments on Urbach
Tizard (Jack)
Source: British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 27, No. 3 (Sep., 1976), pp. 251-258
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  1. Hard Core or Fisher.
  2. The Heritability of Intelligence.
  3. Critique of Urbach.
  4. Measuring the Environment.
  5. Sub-Population Differences.
  6. Between Groups Heritability in Stature.

  1. In a recent paper Peter Urbach ([1974]) discusses what he calls progress and degeneration in the IQ debate. Urbach's paper contains in my judgment errors of fact, errors in the interpretation of data, and conceptual misunderstandings.
  2. I should like to comment on these, first stating my own position on the general issue. It is this: the controversy about heritability of IQ, in particular as it relates to social class and other sub-population differences, is scientifically barren, because the questions are posed in such a way as to admit of no definite, or even 'probabilistic' answer. The 'debate' is being conducted in thoroughly old-fashioned terms which confuse the real issues.


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