The Mad/Bad/God Trilemma: A Reply to Daniel Howard-Snyder
Davis (Stephen T.)
Source: Faith and Philosophy, Vol. 21 : Iss. 4 , Article 4, 2004
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Author’s Abstract

  1. It was interesting to read that Howard-Snyder has (without explicit acknowledgement) used the Dwindling Probabilities Argument (DPA) of "Plantinga (Alvin) - Warranted Christian Belief", pp. 268-280: ie. Section VI “Why Necessary” "Plantinga (Alvin) - The Extended Aquinas/Calvin Model: Revealed to Our Minds". Plantinga seems to accept that the DPA – when applied to the Christian world-view – is successful, and therefore there’s the need for faith. I need to read what Plantinga actually says, and why.


See Davis - The Mad/Bad/God Trilemma: A Reply to Daniel Howard-Snyder.

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