Do the verdicts in the trial of the Colston 4 signal something wrong with our jury system? 10 things you should know
The Secret Barrister
Source: The Secret Barrister, 6 January 2022
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  1. What happened in this case?
  2. What is criminal damage?
  3. I thought I read that the defendants all admitted criminal damage?
  4. What is a lawful excuse for damaging property?
  5. So if the jury were sure that damage was caused and that there was no lawful excuse, they had to convict the defendants, right?
  6. So which defence did the jury accept?
  7. Why are so many people so upset?
  8. Is there a loophole in the law?
  9. Is this outcome an affront to the Rule of Law?
  10. Does this create a precedent? Does it mean that anybody can now pull down a statute of somebody they don’t like without


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