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  1. The sermons are excellent examples of their kind, though a little padded to fit the hour time-slot (they can be listened to on at x1.5 without much loss.
  2. As I wrote to Jack: I looked up Rev. Kenneth Stewart and listened to his sermon on "The dying thief - The answer" (Stewart - The Dying Thief: The Answer) as the topic had come up recently with a Christian friend who'd mentioned the "punctuation" issue. I agree with Rev. Stewart that - taken on its own - punctuating the introduction to the promise as a double emphasis "Amen, I tell you this day ..." sounds like a waste of short breath. But he would reply that the Lord didn't go directly to Paradise but was 3 days and 3 nights in the depths of the earth. I think Rev. Stewart's answer would be that the body dies, but the soul lives on. Of course, this depends on whether we view ourselves as 'having' souls or 'being' souls (a union of body and spirit, dissipated at death). Then there are endless questions of where believers spend eternity - who are on the new earth, what are the visions in Ezekiel and Revelation of the New Jerusalem - that comes down from heaven onto the Earth - supposed to be about; what does resurrection mean if it's not corporeal and in a place where having a body makes sense? All that stuff. I'm not too interested in discussing it as I've been through all the supposed proof-texts on either side ad nauseam. But, Scriptural interpretation aside, I was impressed by Rev. Stewart's presentation and reverence for the Word.
  3. Jack agreed that my take on what Rev .Stewart would think was spot on!
  4. Jack has recommended the series 'Water from the Rock', ie.
    Stewart - Water From The Rock 1
    Stewart - Water From The Rock 2
    Stewart - Water From The Rock 3
    Stewart - Water From The Rock 4
    I can't imagine I'll have time for these while trying to catch up with my Bible-reading in the original languages project. Also, though I've not checked yet, I imagine it's the sort of wholesome spiritualising that's much deprecated in dispensationalist circles.


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