Visualised Numerals
Galton (Francis)
Source: Nature, 15 January 1880
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Author’s Introduction

  1. I have lately been occupied in eliciting the degree and manner in which different persons possess the power of seeing images in their mind's eye, and am collecting a large and growing store of materials, partly of verbal answers made by friends to my inquiries, but principally by means of written replies to a printed list of questions that I am distributing. The subject bears in many ways upon psychological and ethnological studies, and I should be glad if the present memoir upon one particular branch of it should induce correspondents to furnish me with authentic information of the kind I seek.
  2. The various ways in which numerals are visualised is but a small subject, nevertheless it is one that is curious and complete in itself. My data in respect to it are already sufficiently numerous to be worth recording, and they will serve to show that parallel results admit of being arrived at in other directions.


See Galton - Visualised Numerals.

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