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Haack (Susan)

This Page provides links to the Books and Papers (including Book Chapters, where I have itemised these) by this Author contained in my collection. Clearly, there may be many more works in the Author's oeuvre that I don't possess. In case of misclassification, or ambiguous classification, authors of the same surname as this Author are listed for easy access. If any (other) Authors, Books, Papers or Notes in my collection cite this Author, a table of links is provided before the list of the Author's works. Scroll down or follow the links above.

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Haack (Phil)

Author's Books In My Possession

Author Title Pages Read? Further Information
Haack (Susan) Philosophy of Logics 276   Book

Author's Papers In My Possession

Author Title Pages Read? Further Information
Haack (Susan) A Foundherentist Theory of Empirical Justification 11   Paper
Haack (Susan) Descriptive and Revisionary Metaphysics 10   Paper
Haack (Susan) Logic and Logics 18   Paper
Haack (Susan) Many-valued Logic 17   Paper
Haack (Susan) Modal Logic 34   Paper
Haack (Susan) Paradoxes 17   Paper
Haack (Susan) 'Philosophy of Logics' 10   Paper
Haack (Susan) Quantifiers 14   Paper
Haack (Susan) Quantifiers 17   Paper
Haack (Susan) Sentence Connectives 17   Paper
Haack (Susan) Sentences, Statements, Propositions 12   Paper
Haack (Susan) Singular Terms 18   Paper
Haack (Susan) Some Metaphysical and Epistemological Questions about Logic 48   Paper
Haack (Susan) The Pragmatist Theory of Truth 19   Paper AbstractLow Quality Abstract
Haack (Susan) Theories of Truth 49   Paper
Haack (Susan) Validity 11   Paper

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