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Mary Midgley

[Midgley (Mary)]

This Page provides links to the Books and Papers (including Book Chapters, where I have itemised these) by this Author contained in my collection. Clearly, there may be many more works in the Author's oeuvre that I don't possess. An introductory note on the Author appears first. If any (other) Authors, Books, Papers or Notes in my collection cite this Author, a table of links is provided before the list of the Author's works. Scroll down or follow the links above.

Author Narrative: For a complete bibliography, see Kidd - The Works of Mary Midgley
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Authors, Books, Papers & Notes Citing this Author

Author Title Medium Extra Links Read?
Hains (Brigid) & Hains (Paul) Aeon: 2019+ Paper High Quality Abstract   Yes
Todman (Theo) Aeon Papers Note High Quality Abstract    

Author's Books In My Possession

Author Title Pages Read? Further Information
Midgley (Mary) Evolution as a Religion - Strange Hopes and Stranger Fears 180 3% Book AbstractMedium Quality Abstract
Midgley (Mary) Wickedness - A Philosophical Essay 224 2% Book AbstractMedium Quality Abstract
Midgley (Mary) Wisdom, Information & Wonder - What is Knowledge For? 275 1% Book AbstractMedium Quality Abstract

Author's Papers In My Possession

Author Title Pages Read? Further Information
Midgley (Mary) Beasts Versus the Biosphere? 9   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Being Scientific About Our Selves 16   Paper AbstractMedium Quality Abstract
Midgley (Mary) Biotechnology and Monstrosity: Why We Should Pay Attention to the 'Yuk Factor' 9 Yes Paper AbstractLow Quality Abstract
Midgley (Mary) Brutality and Sentimentality 5   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Darwinism and ethics 13   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Darwinism, Purpose and Meaning 9   Paper
Midgley (Mary) De-Dramatizing Darwin 16   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Do we ever really act? 17   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Duties Concerning Islands 16   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Gene-juggling 20   Paper
Midgley (Mary) How Real Are You 6   Paper AbstractLow Quality Abstract
Midgley (Mary) Human Ideals and Human Needs 6   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Individualism and the concept of Gaia 16   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Is ‘Moral’ A Dirty Word 23   Paper
Anthony (Andrew), Midgley (Mary) Mary Midgley: a late stand for a philosopher with soul 2 Yes Paper AbstractHigh Quality Abstract
Midgley (Mary) Myths of Intellectual Isolation 14   Paper
Midgley (Mary) On Being Terrestrial 13   Paper
Midgley (Mary) On Dover Beach: understanding the Pains of Bereavement 22   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Persons and Non-Persons 11 Yes Paper
Midgley (Mary) Philosophical Plumbing 13   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Putting Ourselves Together Again 18   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Reductive Megalomania 15   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Reductivism, Fatalism and Sociobiology 8   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Selfish Genes and Social Darwinism 13   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Should we let them go? 14   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Souls, Minds, Bodies and Planets 22   Paper AbstractMedium Quality Abstract
Midgley (Mary) The Absence of a Gap between Facts and Values 17   Paper
Midgley (Mary) The Concept of Beastliness: Philosophy, Ethics and Animal Behaviour 25   Paper
Midgley (Mary) The End of Anthropocentrism? 10   Paper
Midgley (Mary) The Flight from Blame 21   Paper
Midgley (Mary) The Game Game 23   Paper
Midgley (Mary) The Neutrality of the Moral Philosopher 19   Paper
Midgley (Mary) The Objection to Systematic Humbug 23   Paper
Midgley (Mary) The Origin of Ethics 11   Paper
Midgley (Mary) The pseudo-Darwinist conspiracy 4   Paper
Midgley (Mary) Why The Idea Of Purpose Won’t Go Away 17   Paper

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