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Jonathan Rowson

[Rowson (Jonathan)]

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Author Narrative:
  1. New In Chess (Taken from "Rowson (Jonathan) - Deep Thinking?")
    • Dr Jonathan Rowson is a Grandmaster from Scotland and three-time British Chess Champion. He is the author of The Seven Deadly Chess Sins and Chess for Zebras and currently finishing a book on what chess taught him about being human, written for a general audience. He wrote 50 review columns for New In Chess from 2004-2010.
    • He has degrees from Bristol, Harvard and Oxford in a range of disciplines and since 2009 has published widely in public policy research as an applied philosopher. He has a special interest in climate change and is co-founder1 and Director of Perspective, a research institute in London that examines complex global challenges by integrating perspectives from systems, souls2 and society.
    • He was recently awarded an Open Society Fellowship.
    • He tweets @Jonathan.rowson.
  2. Wikipedia: Wikipedia: Jonathan Rowson

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Hains (Brigid) & Hains (Paul) Aeon: 2019+ Paper High Quality Abstract   Yes
Todman (Theo) Aeon Papers Note High Quality Abstract    

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Rowson (Jonathan) Deep Thinking? 6 Yes Paper AbstractHigh Quality Abstract

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