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Seth (Anil Kumar)

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Author Narrative:
  1. It seems - from Anil Seth's own words in BBC R3's Private Passions that Anil Seth was an undergraduate1 at King's Cambridge2.
  2. Quoting from the BBC Website:
    • It’s the size and shape of a cauliflower, and weighs about 3 lbs. And yet the average human brain has so many intricate and complex connections that if you counted one connection every second it would take you more than three million years.
    • Professor Anil Seth has devoted his career to trying to understand3 the brain, puzzling over the mystery of consciousness itself4. He’s Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the Sackler Centre at the University of Sussex, and the author of a popular book, “The 30-second Brain”.
    • In Private Passions, he muses on how our consciousness of the world, and of ourselves5, is “one of the big central mysteries of life”. And it’s a mystery we face every day – when we fall asleep6 and when we wake up. In conversation with Michael Berkeley, Anil Seth explores the concept7 of free will (he doesn’t believe in it); why music evokes such strong memories8; and how meditation changes the structure of the brain.
    • Music choices include Chopin, Bach, Nina Simone, and an ancient Hindi mantra.
  3. For his Sussex University page, see Sussex University: Anil Seth.
  4. For Wikipedia, see Wikipedia: Anil Seth.

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Footnote 2: From the Register, it seems he was a Scholar in Natural Sciences who matriculated in 1990 and got Firsts in Tripos parts Ia, Ib & II.

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Seth (Anil Kumar), Barrett (Adam B.) & Barnett (Lionel) Causal density and integrated information as measures of conscious level 20 6% Paper AbstractMedium Quality Abstract
Seth (Anil Kumar) Interoceptive inference, emotion, and the embodied self 9   Paper AbstractMedium Quality Abstract
Seth (Anil Kumar) The real problem 9 Yes Paper AbstractMedium Quality Abstract

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