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Michael Smith

[Smith (Michael)]

This Page provides links to the Books and Papers (including Book Chapters, where I have itemised these) by this Author contained in my collection. Clearly, there may be many more works in the Author's oeuvre that I don't possess. In case of misclassification, or ambiguous classification, authors of the same surname as this Author are listed for easy access. If any (other) Authors, Books, Papers or Notes in my collection cite this Author, a table of links is provided before the list of the Author's works. Scroll down or follow the links above.

Links to other Authors with Surnames Smith

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Authors, Books, Papers & Notes Citing this Author

Author Title Medium Extra Links Read?
Johnston (Mark) Human Beings Paper High Quality Abstract   Yes
Singer (Peter), Ed. Does Anything Really Matter? Essays on Parfit on Objectivity Book Low Quality Abstract    
Todman (Theo) Johnston - Human Beings Note Low Quality Abstract    
Unger (Peter) Identity, Consciousness and Value Book Medium Quality Abstract   Yes

Author's Papers In My Possession

Author Title Pages Read? Further Information
Smith (Michael) Dispositional Theories of Value 22 6% Paper AbstractMedium Quality Abstract
Smith (Michael) Internalism's Wheel 26   Paper AbstractMedium Quality Abstract
Smith (Michael) Parfit's Mistaken Meta-Ethics 22   Paper
Pettit (Philip) & Smith (Michael) Parfit's P 25   Paper
Smith (Michael) Realism 12   Paper

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