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Veatch (Robert M.)

This Page provides links to the Books and Papers (including Book Chapters, where I have itemised these) by this Author contained in my collection. Clearly, there may be many more works in the Author's oeuvre that I don't possess. If any (other) Authors, Books, Papers or Notes in my collection cite this Author, a table of links is provided before the list of the Author's works. Scroll down or follow the links above.

Authors, Books, Papers & Notes Citing this Author

Author Title Medium Extra Links Read?
Lizza (John) Persons, Humanity, & the Definition of Death: Preface Paper High Quality Abstract   Yes

Author's Papers In My Possession

Author Title Pages Read? Further Information
Veatch (Robert M.) The Death of Whole-Brain Death: The Plague of the Disaggregators, Somaticists, and Mentalists 26   Paper AbstractHigh Quality Abstract
Veatch (Robert M.) The Evolution of Death and Dying Controversies 4   Paper AbstractLow Quality Abstract
Veatch (Robert M.) The Impending Collapse of the Whole-Brain Definition of Death 7   Paper AbstractMedium Quality Abstract
Veatch (Robert M.) Would a Reasonable Person Now Accept the 1968 Harvard Brain Death Report? A Short History of Brain Death 4   Paper

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