Theo Todman's Philosophy Papers Full Blackberry Database

Herewith the full list of philosophy papers & book chapters I’ve collected. This is Blackberry-friendly, so contains minimal detail. Click on one of the links below: either for the next level of indexing or for the items themselves (if at the bottom level).

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Heschel (Susannah) - Broughton (Richard)
Brouwer (L.E.J.) - Erasmus (Desiderius), Radice (Betty), Levi (A.H.T.)
Erber (Joan T.) & Szuchman (Lenore T.) - Hoge (James F.), Ed.
Hogg (James), Garside (P.D.), Ed. - March (Ken) & Thomas (Jill)
Marcja (Annalisa) & Toffalori (Carlo) - Pope (Alexander), Crozier (Andrew)
Pope (Chris) - Sturma (Dieter)
Suares (Carlo) - Zzzz

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