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These pages attempt to show my book collection by category. I categorise all books by Subject, Topic and Subtopic. These pages show Subjects on the top-level Jump Table, but at the second level books are categorised either by Subject-Topic-Subtopic or Topic-Subject-Subtopic. A book can have up to three Subjects, Topics and Subtopics, so can appear more than once. This categorisation-process – with respect both to methodology and data recording – is still very much work in progress.

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Chess - Chess Background
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Chess - Chess Endings
(1 item)
Chess - Chess Openings
(13 items)
Chess - Chess Strategy
(14 items)
Chess - Identity
(2 items)
Chess - Identity - Intelligence
(2 items)
Chess - Identity - Transhumanism
(2 items)
Chess - Intelligence
(2 items)
Chess - Transhumanism
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