Objectivity, Simulation and the Unity of Consciousness
Peacocke (Christopher), Ed.
This Page provides (where held) the Abstract of the above Book and those of all the Papers contained in it.
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  1. What is it to be capable of thoughts about an objective world? What is involved in the unity of consciousness? How is the ability to attribute attitudes to other persons to be understood?
  2. The three symposia in this volume develop new approaches to these central questions in the philosophy of mind. The contributors include leading philosophers of the middle and younger generation working in Britain. All the issues discussed have an interdisciplinary dimension, and each symposium contains a contribution from a noted psychologist working in the same field.
  3. The volume is of interest not only to philosophers of mind, but also to those concerned with metaphysics, epistemology, developmental psychology, animal psychology and the nature of consciousness.
  4. Contributors to this volume

    Notes on Contributors – vii
    Preface – ix
    Introduction: The Issues and their Further Development – xi
    Christopher Peacocke
  1. Objective Thought
    • Objects and Objectivity – 3
      John Campbell
    • Thoughts about Objects, Places and Times – 21
      Bill Brewer
    • Cognitive Maps, Time and Causality – 35
      → John O'Keefe
  2. Objectivity And The Unity Of Consciousness
  3. Understanding The Mental: Theory Or Simulation?
    • The Mental Simulation Debate – 99
      Martin Davies
    • Simulation vs. Theory Theory: What is at Issue? – 129
      Jane Heal
    • The Necessity and Impossibility of Simulation – 145
      Josef Perner
    Bibliography – 155
    Name Index – 161


Proceedings of the British Academy 83, OUP, 1994: 1996 Paperback

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