Next of Kin - What my Conversations with Chimpanzees have Taught Me About Intelligence, Compassion and Being Human
Fouts (Roger) & Mills (Stephen)
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Back Cover Blurb

  1. It was love at first sight when a baby chimpanzee named Washoe jumped straight into the arms of Roger Fouts, and so picked him as her nanny, playmate and partner in conversation. The experiment was to talk with the chimp using American sign language. Next of Kin is the extraordinary tale of how Project Washoe exceeded all expectations
  2. Theories about the uniqueness of human language and intelligence tumbled like ninepins, as Washoe's conversations revealed the true nature of our nearest primate cousins. Hilarious and loveable, Washoe drove her 'parents' crazy at times — and astonished them with her abilities at others.
    Thirty years on, Roger and Washoe are still talking, and our ideas about our relationship to chimpanzees have been changed for ever. The dream of talking with animals has become reality, but can we learn to fulfil our responsibilities to our biological — and spiritual — next of kin?
  3. 'Essential reading. Fouts’s research is minutely detailed, fascinating and convincing. Forget Descartes. Read Fouts’
    → Michele Hanson. Mail on Sunday


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