A Companion to Epistemology
Dancy (Jonathan) & Sosa (Ernest), Eds.
This Page provides (where held) the Abstract of the above Book and those of all the Papers contained in it.
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Preface to First Edition (First paragraph)

  1. The present Companion, like the majority of the other volumes in the Blackwell Companions to Philosophy series, is organized as a standard reference book, with alphabetically arranged articles of varying length (anything from 250 to 3500 words) on leading theories, thinkers, ideas, distinctions and concepts in epistemology.
  2. It aims for a broad readership, while recognizing that the nature of contemporary epistemology inevitably imposes restrictions on this. In some other areas of philosophy it remains feasible to design a book which is largely accessible to the general reader; in epistemology, however, the main readership is likely to be students from undergraduate level upwards, as well as professional philosophers, and it is to them that the Companion is primarily addressed.
  3. A minority of topics resist treatment other than at an advanced level: they have not for that reason been excluded, lest coverage of the area become incomplete. But the vast majority are accessible to all levels of the intended readership.

Preface to Second Edition (First paragraph): The second edition of the Companion to Epistemology differs from the first edition in being divided into three parts.
  1. Part I consists of ten new review essays that analyze and discuss recent developments in the main areas of epistemology.
  2. Part II presents the reader with a novel approach to portraying a philosophical discipline: twenty epistemological self-profiles. The purpose of these self-profiles is to let their authors give succinct, authoritative accounts of their views and chief arguments in support of them. Reading through all twenty of them will give students and practitioners of epistemology an excellent view of the range of theories and the high level of sophistication characteristic of the current state of the art in the field. Deciding whom to invite to contribute a self-profile obviously raised some difficult issues. The editors’ choices were guided by the thought that authors of self-profiles should have produced a stream of significant publications spanning the past two decades, publications addressing the main issues of epistemology and advancing the state of play in the discipline. This approach slanted our choices in favor of seniority, excluding several more junior epistemologists who, using different criteria, would have deserved inclusion.
  3. The first edition of the Companion makes up most of Part III, Epistemology from A–Z. The following new or significantly revised entries have been added to this part: …

  • Blackwell, 1st Edition, 1992 (2001 reprint), paperback.
  • Pdf of 2nd Edition (2010) downloaded from Academia.edu on 22/02/20

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