Brains, Machines & Persons
MacKay (Donald)
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Back Cover Blurb

  1. There are more nerve cells in your head than there are people alive on the earth; about 95,000 million more. Professor MacKay heads a department in the University of North Staffordshire at Keele which researches into this marvellous brain as a mechanism processing information and controlling action. Here he unfolds for the general public the latest position in this new field of science. Thoughts which are events in the life of the mind turn out to be aspects of the functioning of this physical structure, and light can now be thrown on human nature by the ‘intelligence1' of computers.
  2. But the mechanistic approach of brain science can, the author argues, be integrated with a humanist or religious approach to the mystery of man, adding ‘new dimensions to our wonder, our hope, our respect and confusion for one another and our responsibility to one another'.
  3. The last chapter concisely shows how this distinguished scientist accepts a Bible-based view of man. It will stimulate readers for whom the relationship of science and religion is a problem at the heart of the modern search for truth, although the author has kept in mind readers representing a wide spectrum from belief to unbelief.


Collins, London, 1980. Paperback.

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