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  1. Immanuel Kant, who was born in 1724 and died in 1804, is by universal consent one of the greatest philosophical thinkers of the modern Western world. He combined the rare gifts of analytical acumen and constructive imagination with the still rarer gift of keeping the balance between the two.
  2. Perhaps no thinker ever influenced his successors more. Even the writings of those among them who opposed or oppose him, or who have never properly studied his work, abound in thoughts which he was the first to formulate.
  3. This introduction offers an outline of Kant's system, one of its chief aims being to show that his problems and solutions are not merely of historical interest, but that they concern everybody who makes statements of fact and judgements of value.

    Editorial Foreword – 9
    Preface – 11
  1. The Plan of the Critical Philosophy – 13
  2. Space, Time, and Mathematics – 35
  3. The System of A Priori Concepts – 43
  4. The System of Synthetic A Priori Principles – 70
  5. The Illusions of Metaphysics – 105
  6. Kant's Account of Moral Experience – 127
  7. The Possibility of Moral Experience and its Relation to Science and Religion – 152
  8. Kant's Theory of Aesthetic Taste – 175
  9. Teleological Explanation – 196
    Appendices: Some biographical and bibliographical Notes – 218
    Index – 225


Pelican, Penguin Books, London; 1977 reprint of 1955 Edn.

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