Philosophy - An Introduction
Flew (Anthony)
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Back Cover Blurb

  1. This book introduces the beginner to the work of the major philosophers, presenting and discussing their ideas.
  2. Written in clear, non-technical language it covers all the main areas of philosophy. It concentrates on those aspects most likely to be of immediate interest to contemporary readers such as the questions of morality, democracy and equality.
  3. Antony Flew is Professor and Head of Department of Philosophy at the University of Reading.

  1. On what philosophy is
    1. Is it a definition that we want?
    2. A logical inquiry about concepts
    3. Philosophy and linguistic philosophy
    4. Parochialism and obviousness
    5. Progress in philosophy
  2. The elements of ethics
    1. What Socrates should have said to Thrasymachus
    2. Objective values and Plato's Ideas
    3. The man-centredness of Hume
    4. Subjective or relative, conventional and expressive
    5. Making room for moral argument
  3. Scepticism and the external world
    1. Systematic doubts and unshakable certainty
    2. Reconstruction after the cataclysm
    3. Three responses to the Cartesian challenge; (i) Locke
    4. Three responses to the Cartesian challenge; (ii) Berkeley
    5. Three responses to the Cartesian challenge: (iii) Hume and Kant
    6. The Arguments from Illusion
  4. Rationalism and empiricism
    1. Knowledge, error and infallibility
    2. The Ontological Argument
    3. Rationalist systems
    4. Hume's Fork
    5. The nature of causal necessity
    6. Argument from experience
  5. God and the Limits of explanation
    1. Three explanatory preliminaries
    2. Cosmological Arguments
    3. Miscellaneous 'Physico-theological Arguments'
    4. Arguments to Design
    5. Pascal's Wager
  6. Freewill and determinism
    1. Human powers
    2. Two peculiarities of the human sciences
    3. "Here I stand. I can no other. So help me God."
    4. The Oedipus Effect
    5. The forces of desire
  7. Philosophy and Politics
    1. The famous three
    2. Democracy and liberty
    3. Kinds of equality
    4. Crime and punishment

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    Index of notions
    Index of names


Teach Yourself Books, London, 1979

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